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DARP is an open system for living and practicing together.
We welcome people of all disciplines and all backgrounds.

DARP aims [Sunday 11 April 2021; 4:24pm]

༄ To nurture a place for (co)creation, autonomy and experimentation
༄ To transform and regenerate this empty school and its grounds; to breathe life into something forgotten
༄ To work with an abundance mindset; to understand that there is enough time, space, resources and love to go around

We intend for DARP to be replicated, transplanted, uplifted and disturbed. This place shapeshifts and bends with each resident's arrival.

Our current space is a disused Steiner school in Derbyshire. We are looking for new spaces, if you hear of anything please let us know. We also eat weekly surplus food from Trinity Farm.

Please write to us if you are curious, we would love to hear from you. We are a currently unfunded communal project so we might be a little slow to get back to you.
Our email address is darp.res.mail@gmail.com